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Quo Vadis Sandweiler - English version


After more than half of the local political legislative period – the next elections will be held in 2023 – the Sandweiler DP section can unfortunately only say one thing about the state of affairs in Sandweiler: the municipal leadership is going haywire. The black-green Council of Aldermen is acting in a mindless manner. Perhaps this explains the non-existent communication with the opposition in the municipal council and with the citizens.

It was not only the referendum against the senseless construction of a new town hall, successfully initiated and won by the opposition, but other factors also show that Black-Green is completely out of its depth. 

The mayor and her fellow aldermen were so sure of their cause that they had no plan B when the citizens beat them around the head with their oversized town hall plans. There is no room for a black-green monument in Sandweiler. Downright childish was the prompt reaction of the Council of Aldermen to immediately convert the previous meeting room in the town hall into two offices. It would have made more sense to install air-conditioning for the staff – chaos everywhere!

Speaking of staff; does the Council of Aldermen actually know what an organigram is? The most important office of the municipality, the residents’ registration office, the “Bureau de population”, can only be accessed when you have an appointment due to staff quarrels – by no means because of Corona. Births and deaths, however, rarely keep appointments!

“The new town hall? A half-baked idea without a plan B”

The procedure is typical for this Council of Aldermen: Ideas are mentioned, projects are started, but nothing is thought through. The Council builds a new school and only afterwards thinks about a traffic concept. Factual objections from the opposition groups, besides the DP there is also the LSAP, are dismissed or simply ignored by the black-green majority in the municipal council. Overconfidence reigns supreme. Objective discussions are of no interest to the Council of Aldermen. Accepting clear offers of help from the opposition is beneath the dignity of the majority.

Commission meetings, during which elsewhere discussions and decisions are made according to the facts, such as the planning commission or the finance commission, are pseudo-events in our municipality.

The work of the Council of Aldermen lacks any structure

We as DP-Sandweiler can only state: The CSV-déi gréng Board of Aldermen has no structure. After considerable pressure from the Ministry of the Interior, Sandweiler has finally submitted a new general development plan (PAG, plan d’aménagement général). But it is far from being legally binding. It is also simply bad. Typical: more than three months after the end of the objection period, the Council of Aldermen has still not spoken to the many complainants. 

The school extension with another site was already quite inconsiderate towards pupils and parents, the lack of a traffic concept – the question where pedestrians, cars and buses should go was not answered – shows further disinterest in the concerns of the Sandweiler citizens. There is no navigation in the town hall, they just take a stab in the dark.

“Making itself scarce during the crisis”

During the Covid crisis, the black-green Council of Aldermen bowed to contact bans – it made itself scarce. Own ideas in the crisis? Nothing, nada, niente... Many municipalities swiftly lent a hand to their business community with voucher campaigns to help them through the lockdown. Only after much hesitation did the Sandweiler Council of Aldermen support merchants and restaurants. Green-Black characterised the DP’s proposal to give every citizen a voucher of 25 euros – only valid in Sandweiler – as “populism”. 

What’s next?

In view of the chaos in our municipality, the question we as the opposition ask ourselves is “What’s next to blow up in our face – the face of all of Sandweiler?” Yet it would be the task of the black-green Council of Aldermen to give an answer to this – and it would even better to avoid the question from the start!

The DP will continue to critically monitor the actions of the Council of Aldermen as well as submit its own ideas and proposals to the Council, always putting the interests of the citizens of Sandweiler before everything else.

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